Candid camera – tapping into Instagram for a fresh look

So Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform by far at the moment among North American ski resorts, up 84% in followers industry-wide over the past month, according to the most excellent slopefillers. That’s compared to 24% for pinterest, the next hottest platform, and under 6% for the more mature facebook.

What’s going on? A couple of things stand out.

One, Aspen’s followers have soared just in a last few weeks, reportedly, and its recently relaunched profile page is absolutely gorgeous, with over 400 pics last I checked.

The other is Whistler’s WhistlerUnfiltered site which displays uncensored visitor-generated images collected from Instagram of winter in Whistler “Through the People’s Lens“. It’s fresh and authentic, and people certainly seem to be responding, as there are over 1,900 images out there already with the #whistlerunfiltered hashtag… and counting. The site itself is fab too, with an overall view and tantalising categories called Anticipation, Rooftop of the World, Dropping In, Snow Play and Boots Off. Clever, because though the images are candid and spontaneous, those headings prompt you to think along those lines.

French ski resorts are not quite so into Instagram yet for the most part. But I reckon there’s already loads of potential out there. Even if a resort doesn’t have a big – or even any – presence as a user, the candid images that come up if you search by hashtag are wonderful.  I tried a few randomly and saved screenshots of the results, pictured in the slideshow below… Not only do they look great, it’s interesting that you can see differences, even just from the first page of images. Do you think that nuances in character of the different resorts come through?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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