Sno notes is a blog of thoughts, snippets and analysis on what it takes to build sustainable tourism in French mountain resorts – all of them, but especially the small- to medium-sized ones. It’s written by me – Marita van Oldenborgh.

After years of going skiing for one week a year and wishing we could do more, my husband and I finally upped sticks from the middle of England and moved to the French Alps in 2010. We chose Les Contamines because it’s not just a ski resort but a lovely old village with a real sense of community and a bustling summer season, just an hour from Geneva, yet tucked away in its own beautiful valley at the foot of Mont Blanc.

So now our nearest peak is just a tad higher than the Wittenham Clumps (lovely as they are), a snowstorm brings everything to life rather than grinding to a halt, and Christmases are always white. And, with a background of years and years of working in communications, branding and PR, I’ve become more and more interested in what makes places like this tick.

Thanks very much for stopping by and if you have any comments I’d really like to hear them. I can be found on LinkedIn or via my website. I also have a tumblr in case you’re interested…


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